This story does have a happy ending!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my email this morning! There it was – a message from the couple that got engaged in Venice!

They are French and they got engaged on their last day in Venice…

Here is a little bit of what Tatiana wrote:
“We wanted to visit Venice for a long time, and we decided this year… We stayed 4 days. Then before leaving, we made the touristic turn of gondole! After, we went on St Marks Place. And in full medium, we kissed each other. Julien put himself on his knees….. It was so romantic, I cried about it…

We didn’t notice that people could look at us. When you came to see us, it’s true we had not understood well. We thought that you want us to take a photo of you.

Then we realized that you have assisted at this moment. We sincerly thank you to approach us and leave us your card. The 2 pictures on your site remind us a really splendid and magic moment.”

I’ve just sent the two from the site – and I will be sending more soon!

To Tatiana & Julien – thank you sooo much for getting in touch! It means so much to us to be able to share these images with you! We are just so happy that we could document this truly amazing moment!!!

Thank you!
Laura & Paul