For a while now Paul and I have been looking for a way to better connect with people before we have a chance to meet in person. We often have inquiries from far away, and our website takes care of showing people our work, but the challenge has always been how do we communicate our personality and style? We know that having a great connection with our clients makes all the difference in our images, so we want people to feel confident about us and comfortable with how we work before they even pick up the phone.

We can talk all day about our “style” and “how we shoot” – or – we can just show you!

We heard great things about Anton Lorimer and his promotional videos from photographer friends of ours, and we were floored when we saw his work!  We knew he would be the perfect fit for this project.  What we didn’t know when we called him was that he would be coming with us to Paris!  During our conversations with Anton, the wedding we had scheduled for May in Paris came up – “Why not shoot your video there?” – the thought had not occured to us before, but we couldn’t have been more thrilled at the prospect!
After a few emails back and forth to our bride & groom, we were all set!  The month of May finally arrived, and a plane ride later (well, several plane rides for Anton!) we were in Paris and filming began!  I must say, we are FAR more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but Anton set us completely at ease and that allowed us to relax and be ourselves.  We hope that this video will give people a glimpse into what we do, and why we love it so very much.

The full video is still in production, but Anton was kind enough to send us this little preview to hold us over!  We hope you enjoy it!