We LOVE proposals, nearly as much as we love weddings!

Weddings are a series of fantastic moments, some expected, some unexpected – and they all come together to tell the story of the day. Proposals always have that little extra spark – that “maybe she knows its coming, maybe she doesn’t” question hanging in the air… that anticipation, that “could it be happening tonight?” feeling…

For Allison & Jonathan, that night was last night….

After this perfect moment (sigh!) we said hello, and grabbed a few more shots with the oh-so-excited couple.  Even though the temps were probably close to single digits, they just could not stop smiling!

They even braved the elements without their coats (just for a few moments!) so we could grab this image…

And just as we were about to leave, we spotted this fabulously restored old marquee!  Thankfully Jonathan and Allison were more than happy to oblige!

Thank you so much to Jonathan for getting in touch and including us in your plans!  We feel truly honored to be a part of this memory for you & Allison!

Love always,
Laura & Paul