Update 1/5/09: – Read Rebecca’s own post about this great night on the Queen of Hearts blog here: https://www.qohweddings.com/blog/?p=1940

Paul and I just had the BEST night!  Its not often that we get to do proposal photography (believe us, we are working on changing that!), but its even sweeter and more meaningful when we get to do it for a friend!


Paul and I, along with our amazing friend Phil Mantas, had the pleasure of being able document Rebecca and Dan’s engagement tonight! Rebecca works with Mark Kingsdorf of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, so Dan had the perfect match when it came to planning this amazing night.  When Mark called, we jumped at the chance to photograph this!


Paul took his place on the balcony overlooking the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, I  was positioned behind a potted plant (its a cliche, I know, but it worked, ok?) and our friend Phil was able to take a bit of a closer vantage point at a nearby table (since we knew Rebecca was less likely to recognize him)…

And as you can tell, she said yes!


Rebecca_Dan_3We were able to take the two of them outside for some quick (and chilly!) images around the Ritz, the Union League building and City Hall…

Rebecca_Dan_4Rebecca_Dan_5I just love that she can’t stop looking at her ring!  (Which, by the way, was custom designed and is stunning!).

By the way, to any guys out there planning a proposal – take notes from Dan:
1. If she knows the ring is coming, throw her off by saying it won’t be ready for a few months.
2. Treat her to a day at the spa before the big night (way to go Dan!)
3. Drinks and dinner at a fancy hotel, complete with limo… well, lets just say – it doesn’t hurt!
4. Have someone photograph it!  Moments like this come and go so quickly – we were thrilled to be a part of this!!!

Love you both – thank you again!  And happy planning!!!
Laura & Paul