Since we were going through our blog transition around the time of Zachary and Elizabeth’s engagement session, we never had a chance to post it – so we’ll correct that first!

Zachary and Elizabeth live in NYC, so it was important for them to have their engagement session there. We planned it for a quiet day in early November, only to find out it was the same day as the NYC Marathon! As it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise since we basically ended up with Central Park all to ourselves! Here are some of our favorites from the day….


And now – images from the wedding!

Zachary and Elizabeth’s day was full of tradition and meaning – and you could just see the excitement on their faces!  I think this image of Elizabeth signing the Ketubah has to be one of my all time favorites….




and I just love their expressions as they came down the aisle! (The excitement I mentioned earlier!)



We are super excited to be following up this great wedding with a fab Couture Session with Zachary & Elizabeth tomorrow – can’t wait!!

Laura & Paul