Here’s part 2 of Adrienne & Doug!


We love shooting at the Trocodero, it can get a little crowded but there really is no better view of the Eiffel Tower. With the light marble tiles you get a great natural reflector and we just loved the sky in this one!


These last two make lugging that heavy 200mm 3200 miles worth it! Doug noticed that tourists would walk in front of us when shooting but if I was using the big white 200 people stopped dead in their tracks like it would hurt them or something..


As for us.. We have a few tourist shots we can post tonight, some of the Louvre at night and we walked through the Luxembourg gardens. We made an attempt to go into the Catacombs but the line was very long so we decided to do some boutique shopping. Which of course means more walking, so I think todays travels will have to be near a Metro station. Tomorrow we plan to take the train to Versailles which we hear is very impressive and last year we ran out of time before getting the chance. Then Friday it’s off to Rennes for Celine & Philippe’s wedding.

Au Revior (see I’m learning some French!)

Paul & Laura