Our apologies for not updating the blog more – we’ve been very busy since our return! We have tons of backlogged engagement sessions and weddings to post (and some other interesting news!), so we will hopefully be posting a lot over the next few weeks to get caught up!

One of the first things Celine mentioned to us when we were booking her wedding that she was dying to take pictures around Paris. Since the wedding took place in the country, we thought this would be a perfect fit for our Couture Session idea…. We’ve been developing these for a long time (the website it still a work-in-progress), we wanted to have an option for couples to do a day-after shoot, or dare I say it “Trash the Dress” session, without the whole negative vibe of “trashing” something – it is NOT about that! Its about taking your time after the wedding, in a relaxed environment and getting the images that weren’t possible on your wedding day (and not having to worry about getting the dress dirty!). We had them make a list of all the places they wanted to go, and sadly, we didn’t get to them all, but we did manage to fit in a lot!

This is just a small sampling of what we got from our day with Celine & Philippe, so a true part 3 is soon to come…


I have to credit Anton Lorimer with finding this location! (Anton joined us to shoot our promotional video – more on that later!) We were leaving a beautiful gallery shopping area and this restaurant made him stop in his tracks – and thank god – this has be one of my top 5 favorite images from the entire trip!


This last one just blows me away. I’ve considered Laura and I to be one of the lucky ones that are able to obtain a Canon 50mm f1.0 and as you can see here, this lens has some serious mojo! I love how Paris just looks like a painting in the background.