This definitely falls in to the category of being a “personal” post, but I couldn’t resist.  I was lucky enough to attend 2013 Philadelphia Diner en Blanc this year, and it did not disappoint – it was surreal!  The entire event is just magic!  2500 attendees, all dressed in white enjoying a pop-up picnic in a top-secret location – it has it all; a little bit of whimsy, a little mystery – and a ton of fun!

I must admit, my main motivation to attend was to photograph the event.  I knew I should just sit back and enjoy the spectacle unfolding all around me…. but…. if you have ever met me in person, you would know that is impossible.  Oh, and there was a “Most Elegant Table” contest…. if you met me, you know that I’m competitive too…..

My “date” for the evening – the incredible cinematographer Alicia Nathanson of Blossom Productions!  (Thank you for all your help!)Our table-neighbors, Elvira & Kevin – the sweetest couple ever!

Gorgeous Ms. Katie Griffin!

Remember the competitive part?  Our table was nominated for Philadelphia Diner en Blanc 2013 Most Elegant Table! (Didn’t win, but only 6 out of over 1200 tables were nominated – I’m counting that as a “win!”)

The “diner” ends with an amazing dance party – all under the sparkling lights of Philadelphia.

Event organizers Kayli Moran and Natanya DiBona

The scale of this event is simply amazing – so happy I was a part of it!  Looking forward to next year!