You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit behind on blogging lately, but its been for good reasons:

1. We are working hard to keep up with our clients and their fabulous weddings and engagement sessions! Getting our turn-around-time down is THE most important thing to us right now! We know that image(s) are everything – and we want our clients to get them as fast as possible…

2. We have been working on making this new blog as amazing as possible! And you’ll see it will continue to grow and change (just like we all do!).

We also have lots of great things going on in the background – like the next “Soiree in the City” (which will be bigger & better than the last one!), a destination wedding in France, tons more Philadelphia weddings and working on our promotional video with the amazingly talented Anton Lorimer ( We going to be busy bees over the next few months, but we always have time to get together, grab a cup of coffee & chat – so please call or email us if you’d like to get together!

We are so grateful to all of our friends, clients (who always become friends!) and our families for supporting us. We’ve grown so much over the last few years, and we know that we have you to thank for that.

Laura & Paul