Destination Wedding Photography & Destination Engagements

Laura Eaton Photography specializes in destination wedding photography.  Paul and Laura Eaton have been commissioned for weddings & engagement sessions in France (Paris and Mont Saint-Michel), Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and beyond.  Each package is tailored to you and your specific destination.  
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Paris Destination Wedding Photography
One of the first things Celine mentioned to us when we were booking her wedding that she was dying to take pictures around Paris. Since the wedding took place in the country, we thought this would be a perfect fit for our Couture Sessions! Its about taking your time after the wedding, in a relaxed environment and getting the images that weren’t possible on your wedding day (and not having to worry about getting the dress dirty!). We had them make a list of all the places they wanted to go, and sadly, we didn’t get to them all, but we did manage to fit in most!

This is just a small sampling of what we got from our day with Celine & Philippe…


I have to credit Anton Lorimer with finding this location! (Anton joined us to shoot our promotional video – more on that later!) We were leaving a beautiful gallery shopping area and this restaurant made him stop in his tracks – and thank god – this has be one of my top 5 favorite images from the entire trip!


This last one just blows me away. I’ve considered Laura and I to be one of the lucky ones that are able to obtain a Canon 50mm f1.0 and as you can see here, this lens has some serious mojo! I love how Paris just looks like a painting in the background.


Paris Destination Engagement Session

I was just thrilled with how Adrienne & Doug engagement signing book came out!  The happy couple are living in Belgium for Doug’s job for three years (their families are based in the Philadelphia area), so we were able to meet up with them in Paris while we were there for Celine & Philippe’s wedding last May.  We had a blast exploring the City of Light with this truly fantastic couple! (If you recall from our previous post, I was quite obsessed with Adrienne’s shoes, of which  Paul took this amazing shot, first on this post:

And of course their wedding was just as much fun!  More to come soon, but we wanted to share their engagement book layout in the meantime:


Click this link to view their entire layout:

Engagement guest books are a great way to incorporate your images, style & personalities into your wedding!  Each book has a blank fine art paper page (opposite of each image layout page) where guests can write their advice and best wishes – far more personal than any typical lined guest book where people typically just write their names (you know they were there, you invited them!  Why just collect their signatures?). Plus, since it contains your engagement images, it becomes a great coffee table book you can enjoy over and over again!

Love to all,

Laura & Paul

Paris Destination Wedding Photography by Laura Eaton Photography – Couture Session
The phrase “Lets go shoot at the castle surrounded by the sea” isn’t something we generally get to say very often – but we got to say just that when we went for our “day after” session with Celine & Philippe. They were a bit tired considering that their wedding went into the very wee hours of the morning (6am!), but they were more than ready to take more pictures!

We started back at the chateau where the wedding was held (and where they had stayed the night of the wedding). There were so many areas we didn’t have time to explore on the wedding day, so we decided to start on the grounds there.


After filling more than a few cards (we just couldn’t stop shooting – this place was incredible) we all jumped into Celine’s cute little Peugeot 205 and headed to Mont Saint-Michel. Along the way Laura insisted we pull over into a ditch (well almost) so she can grab some shots in the yellow rapeseed fields you see all over the French countryside. As you can see, she has a great eye and we were all happy we stopped.


Then about 20 kilometers later we arrived. I’m still at a loss on how to really describe this place, but my best attempt would be to say it’s a cross between a real Disney castle and Lord of the Rings.  It would take more than a thousand words to describe it, so its a good thing I’m a photographer so I can just show a picture of it.