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The Value of Likes on Facebook and Why Link Ladders Need to Die…. Advice for the Wedding Industry

Value of Likes on Facebook, and Why Like-Ladders Need to Die….

Ok everyone, I know this is hard, and we tried our best, but I have to call it… Like-Ladders on Facebook, it’s over – time of death: March 5, 2015.

Value of Likes on Facebook and why like ladders need to die

The date is sort of arbitary (or not depending if you think the date FB cleared out millions of useless “Likes” as meaningful), but the message isn’t: Likes, and the quest to accumulate them, is fairly useless – unless you are willing to pay to reach your audience. Whether you should or not is a topic for another article…

I belong to lots of wonderful groups on Facebook and at least once a day, someone will post a “Hey, let’s drive engagement and Like each other’s pages!” and in theory, that sounds great – you are supporting each other, you get some Likes in return – win, win situation right?

Wrong. Unless those new Likes come back and continue to engage with your page; comment on your posts, continually Like your new images, etc, its all for naught. Facebook allows you to organically reach approximately 6% of your audience, and of those 6% goes for those that connect and seem really invested in your business (this theory is debatable, but lets face, we are talking about 6% here, is not like it matters that much).

But you pay to boost posts? Well now, you are reaching 10%, more or less depending on what you are willing to pay – but you are reaching these diluted Likes, these people from these Like-Ladders aren’t likely your true audience, your potential clients. They are other people in your industry who were trying to do you a favor by liking your page, but now you have these not-ever-going-to-be-a-customer Likes taking up valuable reach when you pay to boost your post or promote your page. See where I’m going with this?

So what can you do? Take the engagement to where it matters, your website. When these Like-Ladders show up, instead of posting your Facebook page link, post a link to your latest blog post, or if you are really brave and truly trust the people in your group (lets assume you have an awesome group full of previous clients – kudos to you by the way!) post a link to places they can leave you a review.

Google loves engagement on your site. Every time you get a new comment or page view, you have a better chance of moving up in search results. This will help boost your SEO and – unlike that previous holy-grail of “Likes” – is truly valuable.

So let’s do this – please go ahead and SHARE this article and please leave a comment at if you are in the wedding industry – small biz or entrepreneur? Feel free to leave some love at – and of course leave links to your articles & posts on your WEBSITE (not FB page) in the comments here to hopefully get some meaningful engagement. And of course I don’t mind if you “Like” this on Facebook – let’s face it – I’ll take any portion of that 6% I can reach!


- Laura Eaton is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of

Aspiring Model Marina Comp Card images by Philadelphia Headshot Photographer Laura Eaton – Laura Eaton Photography

Aspiring Model Marina Comp Card images by Philadelphia Headshot Photographer Laura Eaton – Laura Eaton Photography

Had a great time photographing Marina for her comp cards.  As an aspiring model, Marina appreciate the need for dynamic professional portraits….

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer by Laura Eaton Photography Model Comp card





Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide by Laura Eaton

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide by Laura Eaton of

The question I get before nearly every headshot session is “what should I wear?”  My answer is always wear what you feel best in, and to bring more than you think you will need.  It is better to have too many choices than not enough.  There are no “rules,” but I do recommend avoiding logos and overly busy patterns.  I also recommend bringing a variety of looks, so you can have some images that are more formal (for LinkedIn and your website) and some more casual (for your personal Facebook page, or dating websites).Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide

If you are a creative professionals or work in a more casual environment, jeans are a totally acceptable option.  Good fit is essential and go for a more tailored look than your “weekend” jeans.  You can express your style with jewelry, such as a statement necklace, or go simple with something more delicate.  Layers, like a cardigan or jacket can add visual interest and allows you to accomplish two different looks without a complete wardrobe change.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide
If you work in a corporate environment, or serve corporate clients, conservative looks are usually your best bet.  But corporate looks don’t have to be boring, or just in a black or grey palette.  A pop of color can brighten up your face and make your image stand out.  Our eyes naturally gravitate to color.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide
If you are a free spirit and your job allows you to pursue your passions, you can let your clothing communicate your personality.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Style and Fashion Guide
If you are an actress, casting directors are generally looking for clean & simple headshot, they want to see your personality shining through the image, and not be distracted by large jewelry or too much color.  A black palette keeps the focus on your face.

Philadelphia Headshot Photography session with health coach & “rule breaker” Melissa Toler – by photographer Laura Eaton

Laura Eaton Logo - headshot photography logo rectangleThese unique sessions are a step-up from the standard headshot photography shoot.  Editorial and styled headshot can be anything you can dream up, from shooting at a unique location to
creating a set around your idea, profession or personality.  These dynamic portraits can be used to fill your website with imagery that communicates your message and the many facets of your personality.

Melissa Toler is a writer, speaker and rule breaker!  She helps women break free from the “rules” about food and dieting.  And I must say, her energy is positively contagious.  She wanted images that showed that energy, that communicated her message of freedom and living your life to the fullest….

Philadelphia HeadshotPhiladelphia Headshot Photography


Here are some screen shots of how she incorporated these images into her beautifully designed website:


These unique sessions begin at $775 and includes a planning session, style guide and for a limited time includes free hair and makeup from our selected preferred professionals.  For more information, you can reach Laura directly at 609.954.0488 or use the contact form above.


Facilitator, Coach & Choreographer Shrooti Singh – Philadelphia Headshot Photography by Laura Eaton

Philadelphia Headshot Photography Session at our Studio…

Headshot photography is always enjoyable for me, but Shrooti was a true joy to work with!  She needed to update her headshot to compliment the many facets of her life and business…  We met at my Old City Philadelphia Headshot Photography location to shoot both in-studio and outdoors. While she prepared for our photo shoot with the always amazing makeup artist Aleksandra Ambrozy, we got a chance to get to know each other and I was fascinated with her coaching work and where her travels have taken her!


Philadelphia Headshot photography by photographer Laura Eaton

If you would like to book your own philadelphia headshot photography session, feel free to reach out using the contact form above, or you can call me directly at 609.954.0488