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Philadelphia Headshot Photography by Laura Eaton

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Philadelphia headshot photographer Laura Eaton:
I will be the first to admit, I DO NOT like to be in front of the camera. Anxiety immediately sets in, “How should I smile?” – “Did I wear the right thing?” – “How will these turn out?”

You understand the importance of your image. Your image can affect everything from the connections you make, to the income you earn. You want to communicate confidence, appear approachable, and of course, look great.

The experience can be intimidating…if you don’t work with the right people.

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Philadelphia Headshot Session with Actor Pierce Williams

Philadelphia headshot photography by Laura Eaton of I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pierce on our Philadelphia headshot photography session. Pierce is looking to get into acting and needed to update his headshot for auditions, casting calls...

Philadelphia Headshot session – Real Estate Agent Therese

I had the pleasure of working with a former colleague and friend, Therese on her Philadelphia real estate headshot session.  Therese works with Core Realty and was looking to update her headshot with a fresh new look... If you would like to book your Philadelphia...

Branding and Marketing Photoshoot by Philadelphia Headshot – photography by Laura Eaton

Philadelphia Headshot Photo Shoot with Fashion Blogger and Stylist Megan Kristel of Kristel Closets Philadelphia Headshot photographer Laura Eaton was honored to work with fashion blogger and stylist Megan Kristel of Kristel Closets on her photo shoot for her new...

Philadelphia headshot photography sessions are available in our 1000 square foot studio in beautiful Old City.

We offer professional lighting, various backdrops and furnishings. We provide a private changing area, makeup and prep tables, garment racks and clothing steamers are available.

Whether you are looking for a standard corporate headshot for your company profile, or a lifestyle shoot that highlights your creative side, we can accommodate your needs.  Individual rates are listed below.

Group, small business & corporate headshot rates are quoted based on the size & scope of the shoot, please email us at or call Laura directly at 609-954-0488 for more details.

With any of the above options we can shoot in-studio (222B Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106) and/or outside around Old City.  The following are the experts I recommend for styling/hair/makeup (please note, their services are not included in the above pricing):

Hair & makeup: – Victoria DiPietro
Hair & Makeup: – Jazmin Rae Makeup & Hair
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Philadelphia Headshot photographers at Laura Eaton Photography creates professional headshots for business professionals, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, models and more!  Contact us today to schedule your professional headshot photo session.


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Philadelphia Headshot Photography by Laura Eaton

How to Look Your Best for a Headshot – No Matter Who You Hire!

By Laura Eaton, Photographer & Business Strategist –

In the social media age, everyone needs a headshot, so why not make it a professional one? A photographer can help you create an image that will communicate your personality and style much better than any “selfie” or candid image. Yes, a headshot is an investment, but you gain so much more than the time and money you spend on your session. You will have an image that can help you make valuable connections, promote yourself and your business. Great headshots on your profile page and website can be the difference between being overlooked and being hired. A professional headshot shows the world that you have taken the time to refine your image and you know how to present yourself.

The key to a great headshot is feeling comfortable and at ease. As a photographer, I can usually count on the first 10-20 images being discarded. I use that time to get my subject to loosen up and have fun with the photoshoot. If you are nervous, this will show in your images. The photographer wants you to look and feel your best, so try to relax and enjoy the experience.

Before your shoot, go through your photos and pick out your favorites. You will likely find that you have certain angles that you prefer, for example, images that are taken from a slightly higher angle or when your face is turned to the right or left. Share these images with your photographer, but be open to the photographer’s suggestions. You might find you have an even better angle or your “good side” isn’t the one you thought it was!

Enlist the help of professionals. A professional makeup artist can work with you to highlight your best features and minimize those little imperfections. A makeup artist and hairstylist can of course help you look your best, but there is another benefit – a boost of confidence! You know that feeling you have after getting a great haircut? You have a bounce in your step and you know you look good! Imagine that energy showing in your headshot.

Be conscious of your body. A good photographer will coach you through your positioning, but here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Whether you are seated or standing – imagine an invisible string pulling the top of your head toward this ceiling. This will help you have good posture and elongate your neck.
  • When sitting, don’t slide to the back of the chair, sit a little more toward the front. Imagine you are having a chat with someone you’ve been dying to meet. You wouldn’t be settled back, you would be leaning in.
  • If you feel yourself getting stiff or if your face feels tense, let the photographer know. You can take a moment to stretch and relax your muscles.

The question I always get before shoots is, what should I wear?

  • Wear what makes you feel best – not what you think you “should” wear. If you have to wear a certain look for your job, of course bring that, but you can also bring a few other outfits. I always encourage my clients to bring several choices.
  • COLOR! A lot of people are afraid of color, but when I provide the proofs, they tend to select the images where they are wearing the most colorful clothing. You don’t have to go outside of your comfort zone, but a little pop of color (a bright shell, a statement necklace, a bold tie) can really make your image standout.  Color also helps to brighten your face.
  • Nothing is completely off-limits, but I do recommend people avoid overly busy patterns and logos. You want to the focus to be on you, not some distracting pattern. As for logos, a headshot is meant to promote YOU, so don’t waste image space on promoting someone else’s image or brand.
  • White is definitely OK! Some photographers say that white washes people out, but I think that a white top can work like a reflector or softbox brighten your face. You know that “glow” brides have on their wedding day? They are basically walking around wearing a white reflector! Oh, and remember what I said about hiring professionals? Brides also have professional hair & makeup artists to help them achieve that glow!

Also, remember that headshots don’t have to be static or standard – you don’t have to be seated in front of a backdrop surrounded by lights. The majority of my clients prefer a more environmental approach to their shoot. Shooting in your environment, be it your workplace, home, park, or on a city street, can add interest and depth to your images. You will likely feel more relaxed and that will allow your personality to shine.

If you keep these tips in mind and communicate with your photographer before and during your shoot, you are sure to have images that truly represent you and your personality.

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