About Laura – and why you shouldn’t hire me…

laura_eaton_photography_paul_bio_pic_blog_philadelphia_wedding_photographers Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work – and no, that title isn’t a mistake – keep reading…

I know how busy this time is for you, so I thought I would create this page so you could see us at work and answer some of your questions. Our very talented friend Anton Lorimer (an incredible videographer) created this little video so you can get to know us, and see how we shoot and interact.  You will also see how we are totally much better off being BEHIND the camera than of in front of it!

Ok, so why you shouldn’t hire us:
Other than your fiance, most of your time on your wedding day will be spent with your photographers, so you really better like them! You need to feel comfortable and at ease to create great images, it makes all the difference in the world. So, if you can’t imagine grabbing a coffee or going out to dinner with us – please don’t hire us!

Paul and I cannot say enough how much we love what we do… Being able to photograph people in love is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs in the world!

Getting to know us…
We love to meet with couples face to face – but we understand that isn’t always possible, so we’ve taken the time to answer a few questions we get on a pretty regular basis… (we’ll try to keep the answers short-n-sweet!).

What is your style?
Romantic, timeless, creative, fashion-forward – these words probably fit, but you’ll probably read these on every other photographer’s site! We have a hard time with words like “traditional” or “photojournalist” – imagine someone asked you to sum up the way you feel about each other with a single catch-phrase? Not so easy, right?

We feel so connected to our clients, so we are constantly influenced and inspired by them, so I guess that means our style is best described as “evolving.” Every wedding is different – different people, different personalities, different kinds of love.

In terms of “how we work,” one of our favorite things to hear from a client is “we didn’t even know you were there.” We do our best to be invisible, but that doesn’t mean we won’t step in and do everything we can to take an image from a snapshot to a work of art.

Do you get nervous before weddings?
Absolutely! Its not the kind of nervous that makes you anxious, but its the kind of energy that puts butterflies in your stomach. Its an excitement and anticipation kind of nervous, it keeps us on our toes and passionate… the day we lose that is the day we’ll give up wedding photography (and trust us, that isn’t happening anytime soon!).

How do you stay inspired?
Our clients constantly inspire us, so that is relatively easy, but its possible to fall into a pattern. We take time every month to do a self-assigned project (we are major photo geeks!). We challenge ourselves to learn more about lighting, or create something artistic and new – something that takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges what we think we know (and we know, there is ALWAYS more to learn!). We also love to travel and meet new people – so that is always a fresh source of inspiration!

How did you two meet and get married?
Through a mutual friend, a lie, a blind date, a trip to England, gambling, and a pawn shop – if you want to know the story, well, you’re just going to have to come and meet us! (Or at the very least give us a call!)

We can be reached via phone at 609.954.0488 or email at:  lauraeatonphoto@gmail.com – we would love to hear from you!
Studio hours are by appointment only…